H.R. McMaster Brought a Mole into the White House

Back in July of 2017, Roger Stone sounded the alarm. Stone discovered George Soros had penetrated the national security apparatus by inserting a mole into the Trump White House. General H.R. McMaster is responsible for bringing the mole in.

2 thoughts on “H.R. McMaster Brought a Mole into the White House”

  1. Without corroboration her words are meaningless.
    Without public testimony her words are meaningless.
    The Senate is not required to try a President just because the House impeaches.
    100% of Democrats are 100% pure filth…there is only one solution.


  2. McMasters needs a court martial hearing today. This upsets me to no end! You should consider opening comments. I’ve sent many to watch your videos. You might appreciate hearing supporters’ views these days. The tide has turned. You will get better feedback these days. Trolls are not being tolerated by commenters. People know what they are. I had no idea about this woman. Without you posting this video, people would be more in the dark than we already are. I appreciate that.

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