3 thoughts on “One Giant S#$t-Show of Obstruction and Lawlessness”

  1. Do you see what has happened…this was PLANNED!!!…a string of emails and texts regarding a phone call that none of them expected would ever be released.
    A larger collection of piece of shit Diberts than that of the US diplomatic corps has never been assembled…in history.
    This is why Obama replaced so many Generals…one constitutional crisis after the other and no one with balls enough to step up to the plate and stop them.
    Treason and service to a foreign power are the only high crime and misdemeanor respectively. And yes that does mean that Clinton was improperly impeached.
    While we’re on the subject…the Constitution in no way empowers the Speaker or even Congress itself to decide the legislative agenda but very firmly empowers the President to decide which bills will be considered and in what order by giving the President full power to adjourn one or both houses “anytime he disagrees with them.”. The Speakership and the Vice Presidency were intended as single points of liaison between Congress and the President…and in the case of the Speaker, nothing more.
    Congress’ authority to make it’s own rules was never intended to extend beyond simple (Robert’s) rules of order and was never intended to be used to obfuscate, impede or obstruct the agenda of the sole holder of executive power.
    The return of Feudalism and self appointed government is the real goal…the end of defacto government by consent of the governed…”of the People, by the People and for the People”.
    Democrats seek to undermine the moral and philosophical basis for the very existence of the, Constitution, the Bill of Rights and United States of America itself.


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