GOP Storms Closed-Door Hearing to Protest Impeachment


Following a Wednesday morning press conference, Rep. Matt Gaetz and about a dozen other GOP lawmakers went into the House Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF), and according to one lawmaker, House Democrats ended the hearing and left.

2 thoughts on “GOP Storms Closed-Door Hearing to Protest Impeachment”

  1. It is illegal to prevent any Congressman from observing a meeting of any congressional committee.
    Fine to have meetings that are not public but illegal to factionate the House of Representatives…
    Which is why Schiff left instead of attempting to have his fellow congressmen removed.
    The only exception would be a meeting that requires some kind of security clearance.
    Nonetheless Schiff should be censured for his actions along with Pelosi.
    As to the question of treason … well … we shall see … and seeing that both are 100% guilty I would estimate the chances of charges being brought at 0.00009% … yeah make that 0.00001%


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