More Calls for President Trump’s Arrest


Three Republican long-shots challenging President Donald Trump in 2020 made a roadshow stop in the liberal-leaning capital of pro-Trump Tennessee. They joined Politicon today to rant about how President Trump is a traitor posing a danger to the nation who must be arrested.

4 thoughts on “More Calls for President Trump’s Arrest”

  1. How do we TERMINATE these insane calls from both sides for the removal of the President of the United States⁉️ Why all the talk and no action, allowing them to continue to build momentum and brainwash the masses? Why, when they instigated violence beginning in 2017 were they NOT immediately arrested?

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  2. I think we patriots in support of President Trump and the US constitution need a way to make our support visibly known. Remember the yellow ribbons everywhere. I was thinking a red, white, and blue ribbon around a tree movement might just show how huge this support is, and perhaps humble some of these people who feel so free with their uninformed and dangerous talk.


  3. A sitting President may be impeached ONLY for Treason, defined in the Constitution as conspiracy to overthrow the government of the United States, or for accepting high office from a foreign power…Trump has done neither…That is what Nixon was referring to when he said, “…if the President does it, it’s legal.”.
    Illegal closed door impeachment “hearings”, calling for impeachment without due process, advocating for the assassination of the President (which is what this is), are ALL treasonous…and he’s right about the fact that death is the only penalty for treason.
    The question is: Where are the generals, this being an obvious threat to national security, why has martial law not been declared and the treasonous congressmen, senators, presidential hopefuls and pundits not been arrested, tried by military tribunal and hanged?


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