3 thoughts on “Developing: James Comey Turns”

  1. Knew these spineless cowards would do so at the slightest sign of their downfall. This is the nature of dishonest people. Unavoidable. Lack of character. Complete narcissist. No honor among thieves. After all they are facing sedition & treason.
    Whatever deal they made if this is true, one important item besides some jail time, is they lose all taxpayer retirements, insurance (except the jail nurses office), and they lose all wealth as it will be confiscated and given to Flynn and all the others.


  2. Treason = death.
    Comey won’t go along with treason…go figure.
    Perhaps Mr Comey has been getting duped all along.
    Hell holds no wrath like that of a patsy scorned…
    If I’m right about this Mr Comey is in grave danger…maybe he will shoot himself in the back of the head…with an English yew longbow…or a trebuchet…or maybe he’ll just hold his breath for 15 minutes…of fame.


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