3 thoughts on ““The Next 72 Hours Will Be Challenging””

  1. I think it’s a combinations of things, chief among them aging infrastructure. California needs to go Germany, and burry the regional and local electrical distribution lines.

    It won’t be cheep, but it has to be done. There is another part. With so many people providing power to the grid, it’s not as simple as pulling a breaker. All those households that are normally connected from their solar cells and turbines to the grid, also have to disconnect.


  2. Gov Newsom, in his presser, blamed the lack of controlled burns and fire breaks on the federal government. Did the EPA make this call? Or was it CA?


  3. So I would ask, why did they stop the controlled burns etc. I have some very good ideas. If you compare the agenda 2030 map of planned megacities in CA and compare it with the location of the fires including Paradise, one discovers an amazing coincidence. And that’s not mentioning the strange happenings during the paradise fire (current fires are yet to be fully studied). Check out stop the crime dot net and many other researchers for more information.


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