Gov. Jerry Brown Testified Against Trump


Former governor Brown was testifying against efforts by the Trump administration to rescind California’s waiver that previously allowed it to set its own emissions standards for vehicles — effectively giving the state control of the entire auto industry. The administration argues that California’s policy is actually worse for the environment because higher standards make new cars — which are more energy-efficient than old cars — more difficult for consumers to buy.

2 thoughts on “Gov. Jerry Brown Testified Against Trump”

  1. 100% of Democrats are 100% pure filth.
    Inclusion of slavery in the Constitution, cooperation with the English in 1812, secession and civil war, absorption of the communist party (I refuse to capitalize that filthy word), escalation of war in Viet Nam, creating an imbalance of power in the Middle East and converting our allies to enemies by overthrowing the Shah, destruction of the major medical insurance industry…
    The list just goes on and on…
    There is only one solution.


  2. War against homeowners raged by bankers with political connections in the local legislature. Climate change, right~ Change in an environment with new building codes making it impossible for families to rebuild. Well, people not clearing brush fuel from around their homes should sue the holly piss or of them and demand the CPS not come and take their kids now too.since all these people are homeless which is grounds for the federally dollar fed state to start collecting cash while lawyers collect adoption fees and retainers. Which is the scary thing about this warmonger mentality of legislative orders. Well, yes it looks like war and trying to blame it on and act of God they blame it on the President Donald J. Trump


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