5 thoughts on “Infestation at the White House”

  1. Don’t be alarmed at the level of just how far along our Constitutional Republic has been taken over. This started over a 100 yrs ago. That has happened. This is reality. Our reality from another perspective is positive. If they weren’t exposed they would still be in full control like termites on a foundation. We, the White Hats are not used to being so engaged. They the Black Hats likewise. We aren’t used to hitting back. They aren’t used to being hit. They are more stunned than us. Good news is we win.


  2. There is always an army of Dilberts (bureaucrats) that forms underneath the seat of power and attempts to usurp power and take control.
    This is the deep state that has always existed.
    Who killed Tutankhamen?
    Who killed Cesar?
    Who killed Lincoln?
    Who killed Kennedy?
    The deep state…that’s who.


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