Breaking: Field McConnell in Custody


On November 4, 2019, Field McConnell, former USMC pilot was taken into custody on three felony warrants issued in Broward County, Florida. McConnell, 70, is currently being held in Wisconsin, by the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department pending extradition to Florida. McConnell will be remain in custody without bond pending trial.


Veterans for Child Rescue


Pierce County Sheriff’s Jail Roster


McConnell’s Twitter Feed

9 thoughts on “Breaking: Field McConnell in Custody”

  1. I notice McConnell’s posts have been deleted. I have watched McConnell’s videos off and on, but stopped recently when a dispute arose between Monty and Field. I just didn’t want to get into any of it, so I just stopped watching both. But I did feel a year ago that he was on the side of truth. I have totally been unaware of all this. I’m not even certain from this posting whether the implication is that Field’s accusations were correct and too close to the bone (hence his arrests) or that he and his associates strayed from truth and justice. I’m a bit frustrated by my ignorance here. Without his postings, I can’t figure it out now.

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  2. Nancy, your Headlines that cover Field McConnell are amazing. Where “prey” tell did you get them as I’ve played your videos before, then gone to your website where your references are usually in red where you gleaned the information. Unfortunately you have not kept up with the facts on this story as there wasn’t even a warrant for Field and he was never in Broward County. Kirk Pendergrass presented all of the analysis on this on the YouTube called “Field of Honor” that he ,Kirk, participated in on either Thursday or Friday of this past week; the 7th or 8th. Craig Sawyer was interviewed on Caravan to Midnight #1207 where he chastises Field for supporting Timothy Charles Holmseth – who supports the Daniel YouTuber from Alaska who has “been doing this” for just over a year. Daniel likes the clicks, like Craig says. Jury may still be out on DanielSon…..
    Many are caught in he said, he said, but I am alerting you Nancy, that you have not done your due dilligence to check with both sides on this story which will remain FLUID for a good while. Craig SAYS on Caravan to Midnight with John B Wells that he has no real beef basically with Field himself. I heard the interview the 1st go round and have replayed it twice. You posted Craig’s site on your headline about Field-NOT SURE WHY.
    You aggregate stories through Headlines. Please keep checking on BOTH sides of all stories I like your idea, your delivery etc. but being 1st on information shouldn’t leave stones unturned. Thank You, Nancy.

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    1. When there aren’t any in-article links, this means the work is my own.
      This is clearly stated on my site’s About page.
      Whether Mr. McConnell was ever in Broward County, Florida, is irrelevant to my report.
      I have recently viewed several of Mr. McConnell’s uploads.
      Although I am not a trained psychiatrist, it is clear from the strange things he says and the veiled threats he makes, the man needs help.
      Mr. Sawyer would do well to access the latest toxic offering from the self-proclaimed prophet in Juno.
      Mr. Sawyer is being accused of being hired by Tom Hanks to execute Isaac Kappy.
      The Juno prophet claims this information was given to him by an individual in Australia.

      I have don’t have the time nor the inclination to further research Mr. Connell, Mr. Holmseth or Mr. Pendergrass.
      Other individuals may choose to do so, but I will not.

      Thank you, for your interest.


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  3. It appears that Field McConnell should have investigated Timothy Holmseth more diligently. Apparently Holmseth has a restraining order of a “do not contact” with a female attorney in Florida named Pizario and this order also extends to third parties, such as Field who may have been manipulated by Holmseth or willingly and knowingly violated that order.

    We are all very aware of the ongoing investigation of Jeffrey Epstein who did have connections in Broward County, where Field may be extradited to. Obviously, the corruption of the legal system in Florida by Jeffrey Epstein and his powerful contacts can not be ruled out.

    Evidence appears to point to massive amounts of corruption and pedophilia that recently was unveiled by Project Veritas by releasing a video of Anchorwoman Amy Rohrbach’s candidly talking about how the Royal Family made threats against ABC to stop the airing of their segments. She also spoke about all the information that implicated Bill Clinton.

    The extent of this corruption was mentioned by former FBI Director of the Los Angles Bureau, Ted Gunderson, who is now deceased and whose doctor performed an autopsy on him that he had been poisoned with arsenic.

    Hopefully, with time and pressure by concerned citizens will finally aid in exposing the depth of this corruption and bring justice against those involved in pedophilia and the those corrupted in the legal system that might have aided and abetted the likes of Jeffrey Epstein and his ring.

    On a side note, I find it rather bizarre how someone like Ghislaine Maxwell, who was closely linked to Jeffrey Epstein runs free. Why has she not been brought in for questioning nor any charges been brought against her?

    On the surface, the depth of corruption, bribery, blackmail and even murder by the pedophilia ring with links to very powerful people is obvious. Now only time will tell how deep it was and who is responsible for covering this up.

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