CIA to Move on White House Next Week


Next week, a panel of psychiatrists is set to announce to the media and members of Congress their availability to testify before the House impeachment committee. The panel will state the President’s mental health renders him unfit for office. Members of the panel will also make themselves available to consult privately with members of Congress, with 2020 Democratic presidential candidates and with members of President Trump’s cabinet.

26 thoughts on “CIA to Move on White House Next Week”

  1. Psychology is not a science.
    In person evaluation or no…psychology is not a science.
    80% of psychology majors pursue the degree in order to self evaluate because they suspect that they themselves are insane.
    Any case involving testimony from a psychologist (or other “expert” opinion) is a modern day version of a which trial.
    The right to be judged on facts alone is inalienable and should be protected.

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      1. While they are visiting congress they may want to access the mental capacities of ALL of them,I personally think there is no mental capacity among them all.


  2. This is the most ridiculous thing I have every heard. They tried using the “he’s crazy” rule one time when Rod Rosenstein was going to wear a wire and the President’s personal physician deemed him totally fit in mind and body. My guess is all these “experts” are donors to the Democratic Party.

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  3. The most sane man in America under seige for mental incompetence. Let the balkanizization commence. Sent from my BlackBerry 10 smartphone on the Bell network. From: Headlines with a VoiceSent: Saturday, November 9, 2019 6:24 PMTo: brianrdykstra@gmail.comReply To: Headlines with a VoiceSubject: [New post] CIA to Move on White House Next Week

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    Next week, a panel of psychiatrists is set to announce to the media and members of Congress their availability to testify before the House impeachment committee. The panel will state the President’s mental health renders him unfit “

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    1. I do believe you could be right and it will be a shame. the ones that needs to be in a menial instituted is the whole party of the socialist democrats.


  4. I thought that the CIA wasn’t allowed to operate inside the US. Who ARE these people? How Long is this supposed to go on? I, for one, am sick unto tears of this daily assault against our Duly Elected President. He is Allowed to fire people at Will, get over it. Let him do the Job Of POTUS without the Daily second guessing and arm chair quarterbacks. and F.Y. and your mental-health exam!!

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    1. Might be Mossad,instead,some of them are actually in the cia,also.They work together,but you are right,,CIA,is not allowed in u.s.


  5. This is what I call bubble mentality. These people live in a bubble. With academics it’s much worse than with your average blow, who cares less of this stuff and more about what important in life, and right now, Trump owns that space.

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  6. The country was getting discombobulated with all the immigration and the weirdness there could have been serious damage to the world we know, so it was a chance to go back to principles things that have been done well for hundreds of years, there is a solution why not go back to that in a time of trouble. Why not give a man from outside politics a chance, he may not be perfect he might only just get the ball rolling.. it is extremely disingenuous to project onto one man all our hopes and expectations, that’s not his fault that’s our fault. He is not God. if mr. Trump gets things headed in the right direction so be it. that’s going to build hope and build morale, there is nothing wrong with that.. it wasn’t until the castles were burning, people were simply not going to do the right thing, some were even toying with Dancing with the Devil. . One just has to be moderate and give the man a chance, let’s see if the experiment will work, there is no reason to see why it can’t. . And the traitors in the media and the protesters, they really like Trump because he’s a male animus leader but they don’t want to admit to themselves that they do.. They then act in a compensatory way by pretending they don’t. So this running around screaming in the streets and the bullshit stories are an act, all those people really want the leader.. on one hand they want the nanny state but they also want the firm leader to give them the psychic stability that they want. And knowing that about themselves within makes them uncomfortable. .

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  7. This is beyond reason. It is foolish to bother defending President Trump on these grounds. Sanity is not the issue. The true agenda is clear – the psychopaths need
    him out of the way. In their eyes Trump has done so much damage to their easy take-over of this country that he must be removed. They care not whether any of us can see what they are up to. They are frothing at the mouth for control. They are rabid and now attacking in plain sight. In the end, they will die, but many of us will be badly bitten. Our brave and just President will stand at the helm. We who know the truth must fight with all we have. Humanity is at stake.

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  8. I’m sorry, but psychiatrists & psychologists are nothing more than secular priests indoctrinating the feeble minded. I’ve taken graduate & post graduate courses in abnormal psychology, and I’m very familiar with their M.O., nothing more than regurgitating from the text book and the homily from the professor. I consider my degrees in biology & chemistry actual science. It’s common knowledge psychiatry/psychology are far from being consider a true science in any respect. If you can tolerate listening to their diatribes & diagnoses on Pres Trump, it’s easy to determine which text books they have used to obtain their so called degrees. And either way, any diagnosis they push is invalid unless they have seen the president as a patient, everyone knows this.


  9. My first question for the psychiatrists would be “Are you sir/ma’am afflicted with TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome); and if so, are you being treated for it….AND…doesn’t that render you incompetent to make any diagnosis of our president?


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