Analysis of Key Participant in 25th Amendment Take-Down

After several doubters chimed in on the report I uploaded yesterday about the upcoming measures to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove the President from office, I was pleased to find Dr. Steve Pieczenik uploaded his analysis of and first-hand experience with one of the key participants in what I’ve labeled, Operation Shrink-and-Toss.


Watch Dr. Pieczenik’s Review Below


3 thoughts on “Analysis of Key Participant in 25th Amendment Take-Down”

  1. The asymmetry of the face is a tell tale sign of his insanity.
    There is more than one “Jerry” both insane of course…one tasked with hiding the insanity behind a contrived facade…the other, completely out of control, vacillates between grandeur ideation and the desire to be relevant at all cost regardless of the dishonesty and other unethical acts needed as means to that end.
    The thought of perhaps being the person who brings down the President must be like the thought of a first love in the wee hours of the night of his soon to end…ah…”life”?


  2. Steve is amazing. He exposed the coup real early. I am so angry at the MSM for ginning this up. It’s totally reprehensible, and I count the daytimers at Fox amount them.


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