3 thoughts on “Horowitz Set to Rain on Impeachment Parade”

  1. I wish I could tell you that I believe that justice will somehow be served in this matter, Nancy, but I don’t believe that.
    Perhaps James Comey will begin his long journey to full womanhood and take the first of his many trips to Thailand but that is the most that will come of the IG report.
    Dogs don’t prey on one another.


  2. Tell if im wrong but, if the courts can hole gun manufacturers libel for shootings. We should be able to file civil suit against a media outlet that knowingly publishes fake news. Publishing ‘trump does whatever’ is not far from yelling fire in a theater, both could cause a believer to harm or commit violence. Its far easier to find msm much more dangerous, even causing mental anguish should be held accountable.
    A civil suit could not be considered censorship, due to after the fact. And proof of the offending news is easier to show after the fact.
    We may now have a way to fix the liberal media weaponised fake news problem, and get paid doing it.
    I have be putting my idea out there for a couple days…any thoughts?
    Thank you for all you do, good stuff


    1. I agree with that but I doubt the courts will.
      Isn’t this the reason why “news” papers started quoting anonymous “sources” over 100 years ago in the age of yellow journalism and before that in England?
      Hence the reason for protecting the right to face one’s accuser’s in the Bill of Rights.
      But the courts have upheld the profane “right” to make gratuitous accusations made anonymously and now it seems that Congress may accuse anyone of literally anything at all without producing evidence of any kind..at all.


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