BOOM: This Needs Wall-to-Wall Coverage!


While the nation is focused on another day of the fake impeachment hearings, the corporate media is doing its best to quash a story that reveals members of the Obama administration, top Obama donors and former President Obama’s direct involvement in a $7.4 billion Ukraine-linked money-laundering scheme.

Ukrainian MP Alexander Dubinsky announced at a press conference on Wednesday November 20, 2019,  that the Office of the Prosecutor General is indicting Burisma owner Nikolai Zlochevsky, and the consequences could be dire for Hunter Biden.

One thought on “BOOM: This Needs Wall-to-Wall Coverage!”

  1. I normally watch your posts on bitchute, but for some reason I got a warning on this one that the DDoS was verifying my browser(Firefox) with a 5 second window that hung for over a minute. I tried another bitchute channel and the same delays. So I opted to come to your website. I think I will view from here forthwith. I am shadow banned on FB and no longer have a twitter to share, so I will share where I can in comments. Thank you for all you do, from Ontario.


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