How Did We Even Get to This Point?


After months of lying, public and private testimony from Obama-hold-overs, CIA operatives, every last one of them traitors to the Republic, the House Intelligence Committee chaired by master of tall tales, Rep. Adam Schiff has released their impeachment report accusing the President of the United States of the well-documented crimes committed by the former vice president of the U.S., Joe Biden and other top officials in the Obama administration.


2 thoughts on “How Did We Even Get to This Point?”

  1. THIS is a Republic ??? News to me….I thought it is and has been for a while…Amerika.
    Oh, and Horowitz is SES…..loyal globalist….no bombshells for the members of the club. Looks like the president may not be in the club…or at least the “right” club…..


    1. They’re all Senior Executive Service members. Biggest mistake Trump made, was to re-open the partial government shut-down when he did. I think he was a day or two shy of being able to legally fire every, last one of them.


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