One thought on “Heading Back to D.C.”

  1. Can you blame him?? They all acted like 7th grade school boys and when the President did give press conferences, it was dominated by impeachment questions. He should have told the press he would not discuss the impeachment at the summit. I will give the lying dems some credit. They have succeeded in rendering this President unable to do his job for our country abroad. However, when the Senate trial begins, they will either “claim the 5th” or utter those words, “I don’t recall” and we will know nothing more than we do now. My feeling is the President is so sick of playing their stupid little games that he decided he can deal with foreign leaders just as well from the Resolute desk as he can in the reception room at Buckingham Palace. When all is said and done and the smoke clears from this mess, President Trump will be the clear winner and the sniffling little Prime Ministers will have to answer for their part in all of this as well. Some may be headed to jail. I do believe our President already knows that.


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