Elections by Impeachment



Took all of three crazy professors, screaming their lungs out, one of them even insulting a kid, to get Democrats to announce their slap-dash impeachment show.  Took ’em all of a day.

House speaker Nancy Pelosi, wearing her best white pantsuit, a giant flag pin, and some really weird eyelid makeup, crawled out to do the honors:



3 thoughts on “Elections by Impeachment”

  1. Feloniously twists meaning like SHE’S the QUEEN!…queen bee, maybe, but I pray she ends up behind bars soon. No ma’am, YOU are the one who wants things YOUR EVIL WAY, not POTUS. She makes me sick.


  2. It was fabulous when Rep. Geatz asked the nutty professors “how many of you actually heard the President do a quid pro quo on that phone call? How many of you have first hand knowledge of it”. They sat there like stones. BOOM!


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