Former EU Leader Takes Aim at Trump





Donald Tusk, former leader of the European council and current president of the European People’s Party, posted a disturbing photo in a tweet sent early Thursday morning, innocently captioned, “Despite seasonal turbulences our transatlantic friendship must last.”

2 thoughts on “Former EU Leader Takes Aim at Trump”

  1. I know they despise Trump, but it looks more like to me that he was just going to tap him on his back to gain Trump’s attention. Logically it makes no sense for such a childish action to be displayed around world leaders…because it is truly childish. Poking him with one finger would be disrespectful, tapping sideways would be more appropriate. IF he meant it as a gun gesture, he is one dumb bunny because he would become a top suspect if a shot is taken at Trump.


  2. Now you know if an American did the same think to this so called EU party leader that there would be outrage and some sort of retaliation! Yet this happens to our duly elected president and the house of criminal less than’s are to busy trying to hide thier crimes by stabbing our President in the back so this guy must be working with the house!


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