Re-education Camps for Parents


Republican strategist and Never-Trumper Rick Wilson is advocating for the internment of parents that question the mainstream medical establishment’s consensus on immunization safety and efficacy.


2 thoughts on “Re-education Camps for Parents”

  1. So he wants to enforce that old treacherous game of russian roulette. I understand that pharma is no longer putting the warning inserts in their vaxes. Mind blowing how this is even possible. The chemical cocktail that is shot into the blood systems of babies has to stop. Pennies to produce with billions of profit to big pharma. The good people should be demanding a moratorium. Meanwhile autism goes up and up and up. Big Pharma does make mistakes…lots of them.


  2. Have any of these chimerical “people” ever heard of the Constitution?
    This NAZI belongs in an asylum.
    It’s a good thing Democrats have all of the guns…uh huh.
    The small amount of Mercury contained in these concoctions circumvents the liver and the body’s natural defenses…because it is injected it causes far more damage than if the same amount were imbibed.
    Penn Jillette please dye (sic.)


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