Things to Keep in Mind


Today the Dept. of Justice Office of Inspector General, Michael Horowitz, will release his report covering a 21-month review of FBI and DOJ compliance with legal requirements surrounding FISA and the application against U.S. person Carter Page.


Review of Four FISA Applications and
Other Aspects of the FBI’s Crossfire
Hurricane Investigation

Michael Horowitz Report

One thought on “Things to Keep in Mind”

  1. This may explain why the IG report was nothing :
    A law book called: Ross on Crime, section: 3,8620, (Not to be Learned Tricksters), is a statement relating to the conduct of the BAR and relates to the danger a corrupt legal system can be for such people subjected to such a corrupt system.

    A counterfeit banking or legal system could be a clever copy of the real thing, such as a counterfeit bank note is a clever copy of the real thing in order to deceive the people, but in reality, such a counterfeit is worth nothing and may cause damage to those subjected to such a counterfeit. The purpose of a counterfeit is to deceive its user into assuming its the real thing, such as a government may do if it is a foreign international administration passing itself off as a national government, causing all profits made by such a counterfeit government to be channeled off shore into foreign international bank accounts never to be seen again.

    In order that such criminals (Pirates) get away with such an assault on the treasury of national governments by such international foreign corporate entities, such clever criminals may have created a quasi language that looks like a normal readable English language but has an underlying hidden agenda. The BAR, was supposed to be entrusted to watch over the legal assaults upon the treasury of the national people, after all, the people in general are the workers and wealth makers of the treasury, so the BAR would owe such people the respect and loyalty by guarding the treasury of such people, however, if such a BAR were to turn against its granters of trust and robbed the very treasury it pledged itself to protect, than such acts by a corrupt legal system could be deemed the worst breach of trust to ever take place… The brutality of corporate police and their brutal assaults on the citizens has, finely, started to wake the masses…


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