2 thoughts on “Today Bolsheviks Vote to Destroy Trump”

  1. Jeez Nancy, tell us what you really think… Wait, never mind, we already do. This is going to be biblical. Thinking Americans, are sharpening their verbal blades in preparation for a hot verbal civil war. We are at the ready. We will be lead with the inspirational word and thoughts by Patriots such as you.

    BTW, Jenny Hatch has bravely re-enabled comments on her videos, and the results were a stunning turning of the tide. Amazing times we are living in.


  2. Nancy, I don’t know what I would do without your voice of reason! I am so ashamed of the Democrat Party. I am not, nor ever have been, a Democrat….a fact that I’ve never been more proud of than I am today. What is happening to our duly elected President is a disgrace and a mark of shame on this country. How we ever allowed our country to even get to this point is a question that will always haunt me because I know that I am as guilty as the rest of the country. As a Conservative, I should have been paying closer attention to “politics” long before the 2016 election cycle when I actually started listening to the Liberal left and their unrelenting screeching. I wish I had joined in the fight a LONG TIME AGO…. It is such a sad day.


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