The Sewage of Democracy


When the people of this Republic, replace the historic reliance on a fixed set of principles that form the foundation upon which our Republic rests we set aside the integrity of the whole enterprise. As we watch these wretches celebrate the historic low to which they have dragged the entire nation, appropriately dressed in black, continuing to play the game of one-upmanship against the will of We The People, alarms should be sounding across the land.

To deny the authority of the peoples’ choice – to permit the dragging of our Republic into the sewage of democracy, shows we have failed miserably. A false measure is a fraud, and the Democratic Party trying to sell a fabrication that represents no integrity. As they howl at the moon in their imagined victory over our President, their lack of morals, principles and integrity are laid bare for the nation to witness. They have shown who they are and what they serve.

Every citizen of this Republic has a responsibility to crush this usurpation of our founding principles. This is not a democracy driven by the biggest group of criminals, it’s a Republic – the brilliance of its founding principles are being ignored, trampled under foot and misused to undermine the will The People and replace it with the will of The Elites.

Our forebearers valued their God-given freedoms over all else and paid with their lives to secure it for future generations. Traitors were made to pay the ultimate price.

Each individual must determine what they can and will do to save this Republic.

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