3 thoughts on “FISA Judge Collyer Steps Down Unexpectedly”

  1. Would that be the Chief Justice John Roberts who is addicted to mind altering drugs that effect dopamine in the brain in order to (hopefully) control epileptic seizures and which render to necessarily addicted drug addict unable to reason logically as well a being susceptible to every kind of suggestion (similar to hypnosis) and occasionally (the drugs) require changes in the prescription because of the zombie like states they (drugs) produce?
    Or is this a different Chief Justice John Robert to whom you refer?


    1. This isnt Roberts in the report. If you wantto know Roberts, he was manipulated witha video and other evidence illegally used. State dept. went beyond protocol, made their own surveillance computer away from the NSA, and extorted people domestically. Hamr super computer- 47 hard drives as evidence. Justice coming…….


  2. My thinking is these creatures on the FISA court are also seditious. Though they rotate in and out frequently, they all play for the same team. “Team Treason.” “Team Deep State.” Page and Strzok are on record with their conversation of meeting up with a Judge Contreras (FISA judge), at a cocktail party to make it appear it was a per chance meeting. They spoke about the FISA warrants used to overthrow a President Trump. Certainly these judges are co-conspirators. We haven’t heard much at all on this. From Hannity, Tucker, etc. For sure though, Barr and Durham are all over this. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/white-house/fbi-agent-peter-strzok-denies-throwing-cocktail-party-for-judge-surveillance-court


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