Impeachments Ain’t What They Used to Be


The other day, the Washington Post worker bees celebrated over their eggnog, tweeting out a ‘Merry Impeachmas’ greeting for what they were sure was the final demise of President Trump.  The story from the tweeted picture was that this was it, the final chapter in their three-year-long dream of removing the reviled president who had the temerity to win the election just as Hillary Clinton was about to ascend to the Oval Office.

One thought on “Impeachments Ain’t What They Used to Be”

  1. Nixon resigned because the Supreme Court violated the separation of powers clause of the Constitution.
    The court has no authority to enforce a subpoena on the executive and congress has no authority to subpoena a President…
    Not any more than the executive or the legislative branches can require the court to rule in a particular way…or even to hear a case in the first place.
    The ultimate question in our republic is: What is the remedy in the event of an unconstitutional ruling by the Supreme Court?
    Amendment is useless in such a case and too slow at best.
    Thomas Jefferson’s 20 year prescription is more wise and to the point than is ordinarily recognized.


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