2 thoughts on “An Unapologetic Rant”

  1. While the sick shittyshiftshow was happening…… They passed the $1.4T bill (both sides had their stinking hands in it) and big T signed it!!! Did he read it in the 2 days they had before the vote? Extends the freakin Patriot Act!!! It’s about as patriotic as all the shitshow B actors are! Allows government studies on gun control. Another shitshow. Holy Crap… the mofos extended the ability to detain people (you too), forever, without due process! W T F ?! Another o/bomb/a/nation of a bill. Hundreds of pages of diharea we’ll never know about, until the fan comes on! But it won’t be publicized… who’s writing this shitshow script? And folks think voting counts. Millions of people and we get to pick from the two they chose for us?


  2. I need to continually be reminded of this as it is so easy to put ones hope in Trump – that he will drain the swamp. But so far…nothing. How will we ever pull together and fight the NWO? If it is true that Trump is part of the plan, their move has been a brilliant one, and we are probably doomed.


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