Imagine What They Have in Store for Us!



Because Schiff and Pelosi have been permitted to engage in they’re lawlessness with impunity, they’ve taken their crimes to even more outrageous extremes.

Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff refuse to release transcripts from their unconstitutional basement hearings that exonerate President Trump and indict the CIA-operative whistle-blower of perjury.

4 thoughts on “Imagine What They Have in Store for Us!”

  1. Very true. These worms have shredded the Constitution. They have declared war on any citizen in the Untied States. The one saving grace is, I truly believe, SP Durham and AG Barr are both going to blow the lid off it all and these two along with others high up in past government administrations will be indicted and hopefully carted off to jail.


  2. “Imagine What They Have in Store for Us!”, in a word, Virginia. Earlier I listen to Colonel Potter’s interview with Richard Higgins. Higgins commented on the calmness the public is showing by having not taken up arms in retaliation saying that’s what the left wants…civil war. To your title; is not Virginia’s continued threat of gun confiscation a sincere attempt by the coup to develop a shooting war? Would such an action, the killing of a few good police officers, by gun crazed Trump supporters, not give the coup what it desperately needs to swing the pendulum in its favor?
    Of course I could be all wet…but 7 decades tell me I’m not. Thanks for listening.


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