Embracing the Inverted Logic of a Lunatic


The impeachment of President Donald Trump, its shredding of the Constitution and disregard for due process, are symptoms of the Democrat party’s abandonment of sanity in its ruthless pursuit of permanent political power at any cost. Many Republican politicians are as guilty as their counterparts in this ruthless pursuit.

6 thoughts on “Embracing the Inverted Logic of a Lunatic”

  1. The realization of the loss of words, or their oppositional meaning, is frightening. It’s the undoing of conversation. When vast numbers of people have not looked up the meaning(s) of unfamiliar words, how can we get our ideas and truths across?
    How can we educate people on a word without causing hurt or anger… yet without them, there is only a very base understanding, if that. Will we soon be grunting and pointing our way in the world? Many tubers can’t read or “spell”! Thank you NMH for your wonderful narrations and choice of “meat” for us to gnaw on.
    Communication must be based on a communal understanding & knowledge of words! When uttering a word that the other has no knowledge of makes conversation unlikely. We literally need to carry (concealed?) an OLD dictionary to be sure others have the same understanding, from which to carry on a conversation.
    Thus we have texting… a communication boondoggle. No punctuation (what’s that?!), capitalization, run-on sentences… Many don’t know (even “journalists”) the difference between then & than! “I’m going to do this, rather THAN that”. “After I do this, THEN I will do that.” And: Their, There, They’re. And: To, Too, Two…
    Wiki-diction has speedily helped to corrupt language. Don’t go there! READ… with a dictionary at your side. And a good thesaurus! What kind of dinosaur have we become?

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