Update: Coronavirus Detected in Texas and Los Angeles


Because the stock-market is always more important than the health and safety of the American public, as the number of confirmed coronavirus cases neared 690, the US State Department reassured Americans that they’re safe from the virus.






Chinese hospital overwhelmed with patients.



What No One Wants to Talk About


Here’s what we know about the coronavirus that originated in Wuhan, China, a city with a population of over 11 million.

One person with the coronavirus can transmit it to up to 30 people.

There is a mean 10-day delay between infection and detection, comprising a 5-6 day incubation period and a 4-5 day delay from symptom onset to detection/hospitalization of a case.


Imperial College Coronavirus Analysis






Mysterious Coronavirus Confirmed in Washington State


A mysterious coronavirus spreading rapidly in China has global health officials extremely concerned. 

On Wednesday, the World Health Organization will convene an emergency meeting to discuss whether the outbreak should be “declared a global health crisis”, after Chinese health officials confirmed the lethal pathogen is contagious and spread by human-to-human contact.