2 thoughts on “It’s About Time!”

  1. Besides the outright criminality of so many in gov, most assuredly obstructing Trump’s path at every turn… there IS a better way to “protect the people”. Immediately arrest all the mofo mayors, governors and cabinetry, who are on a fast train to treason via blatantly ignoring the “law of the land” with an evil plan (in the works for how long?) to rip guns from every person in Virginia (no, not real criminals, duh)! Who knows how many others must also hang for even planning (in secret?) such an outrageous coup against our rights! Crimes against humanity… because those that are best suited to do the job, right, will no longer be able to protect themselves from criminals. Trump… stop this immediately! Get mofo hands off our guns!


  2. It’s beyond time, wouldn’t you say. Either the president is guilty of having just awaken to his surroundings or He’s just finished using all the seditious bastards. I pray it’s the latter. Thanks for being here NMH. Best of this New Year too You


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