2 thoughts on “Major U.S. Cities Brace for Backlash”

  1. New York City ramping up security. A possible major retaliatory action on American soil. Sleeper cells embedded in the west.
    And at the begin of 2020 the UN started accepting applications in New York City for DDR officers to “contribute to security and stability in post-conflict environments.”.


  2. Hmmm… ramping up the fear factor are they? Does the playbook tell them to do something big so they can make you safer by stealing your guns? Remember Bostonff? Door to door roughhousing, looking for the “lone nut”… did ANYONE object?!? Keep the commie crybabies away from all guns! There is absolutely NO excuse for hoodlum dick taters to cook up excuses for gun grabbing. They renewed the “Patriot” “Act”. Truth is as obvious as the nose on your face. Start following it. Sniff sniff… shitty shift, et al, have worked the hell outta their freak show. Time to move on…


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