3 thoughts on “Wrong Again!”

  1. War Powers Act…a sitting President can wage war at any time, anywhere for sixty days without a declaration of war.
    Pelosi is still an insane cat lady…and has no power nor any right to question a Commander In Chief decision to kill an enemy combatant who was actively engaged in the killing of Americans…Congress has been properly informed as required by law.
    Presidents do not answer to the House Speaker…and Pelosi is literally an enemy combatant…America’s enemies could not have chosen a more loyal ally nor a more damaging enemy than Pelosi had they chosen the House Speaker themselves.
    I would personally execute her on live television…Schiff too.

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    1. Mr. Gordon, from the onset I’ve held; pick 3, really doesn’t matter but must include at least 1 female.
      Military Tribunal with all of the convicted sentenced to the firing squad. And, by Presidential Order, publicly aired by all outlets. Doing so would provide a pair of results instantaneously; 1) the world would know, 2) the Myna birds would begin to speak in clear English. Thanks for listening


  2. Exactly! All good, except for the denigration of cats… she would even be worse than a rat. Stunningly evil people… but I think they even like that title. Let nooses abound!


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