4 thoughts on “A Message from President Trump to the Sabre-Rattlers”

  1. The US Military can easily return Iran to the 17th century: No oil production and refining, no electricity, no running water, no automotive nor any mode of transportation save by foot, and no horse based economy to fall back on. The use of infantry is not needed in order to accomplish this, it can all be done from the air, mainly with drones.
    The US is still the sleeping giant and Iran would be very foolish to awaken him.
    There is a very good reason why Russian submarines are no longer seen from the US shore and that reason is singularly Donald John Trump.
    Pelosi, Schiff et al. are guilty of treason and in an environment of national emergency/martial law…well suffice it to say that the Democrat party could easily become the 53rd site…from the inclusion of slavery in the Constitution, secession and civil war, the corruption and politicization of government in the USA, the artificial creation of American participation in the second world war, assimilation of the Communist party, war in Vietnam, incitement of unrest in the Middle East, especially Iran…&c….&c…&c. the Democrat party is and always has been a blight and a scourge on the American People. We welcome its utter demise…assuming there is enough rope.

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  2. Let’s see what happens. I was reading a thread this morning that the mullahs actually wanted him out. He was a one man wrecking ball and Iran could not have peace with him in place. Interesting times I’d say.


  3. NMH I love what you do! Thank you so much. You are among the 3 favorite, daily, news sites out of about 9 on my list. Minus a few Twits. Please check out BCP for his latest! “Killer”!


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