3 thoughts on “Dr. Pieczenik: AG Barr Should Resign”

  1. This was all laid out long ago in 1960’s sit-com theme songs.
    Here’s the story of how it got started, with the explanation of his untimely demise.
    Plus a sample of his latest endeavors since his tragic suicide.

    The Epstein’s Island Theme Song
    (Gilligan’s Island Theme)

    Just sit right back,
    And you’ll hear a tale,
    A tale of many fateful trips,
    That started from a D.C. airport,
    Where underage girls are shipped.
    They mate with as many as they can,
    Then rent them out as pure,
    They were passed around too much one day,
    on a three-hour tour.
    A three-hour tour.

    The weather started getting rough,
    Then the older girls were tossed.
    If not for the courage of the fearless few,
    Their court case would be lost.
    Their court case would be lost.

    The planes touch down on the shore
    Of this unholy desert isle,
    With Jeffery,
    And Slick Willie too.
    Many millionaires,
    Don’t tell their wives…$$
    There’s movie stars.
    There’s professors, and lawyer men,
    Here on Epstein’s Isle.

    So, this is the tale of those cast away,
    They fought for a long, long time.
    They had to make the best of things,
    They got screwed last time.

    Reprobates are bail skippers too,
    They’ll do their very best,
    To make sure they stay comfortable,
    So forget about house arrest.
    No phone, wi-fi, and no wet bar,
    Not a single luxury,
    In a cell next to El Chapo,
    As primitive as can be.

    So, join us here each week my friend,
    And go the extra mile,
    Don’t let those bastards walk away,
    If they ever been to “Epstein’s Isle.”

    The Ballad of Jeff Epstein aka The Unbelievable Hillbillies.
    (Thee Ballad of Jed Clampett)

    Come and listen to a story
    ‘Bout a man named Jeff,
    When you hear of how he died,
    You might wish that you were deaf,
    If it’s not suicide, he died from eating prison food,
    And not believing FakeNews is politically rude.

    Old it is, but they’re bold, like Texas 1963.

    Well, the first time they tried to kill Jeff the Billionaire,
    With a conjugal visit, so they censored footage there,
    Even those in Californee say it shouldn’t ought to be,
    When you’re loaded with the bucks, they’ll move you to Beverly.

    Hills that is. Witness protection. Ask Bill Barr.

    Well now it’s time to say goodbye to Jeff and all his sin,
    But they still want to thank your kids for kindly droppin’ in.
    There’s no way Jeff was murdered, not at this locality,
    He got a heaping helping of prison hospitality.

    Hillbilly that is, dumb as hell, shut your brain off.
    Y’all come back now, y’hear?

    After his suicide, he got into music and he sang this at his own funeral.

    “Hung” By Jeffery Epstein
    (“Hurt” -by Johnny Cash/NIN)

    I hung myself today,
    It’s part of my plea deal.
    You focused on Ukraine,
    And how Joe Biden steals.
    His story’s full of holes,
    Like the movie called “The Sting”
    As his mind slips all away,
    I still recorded everything.

    What have I become?
    My sicko friends.
    Everyone I know,
    Gets blackmailed in the end.
    You could know it all,
    Politicians piles of dung.
    You’d have to be a clown,
    To believe that I was hung.

    The English Crown is scorned,
    Prince Andrew is aware,
    Full of broken thoughts,
    He can’t sweat, or so he swears.
    He’s at my house most times.
    The photos are quite clear.
    He says it’s someone else,
    ‘Cause back then he was queer.

    What have I become?
    My sicko friends.
    Everyone I know,
    Gets blackmailed in the end.
    So look right above my balls,
    When I tried my eyes stung.
    You’ll see with my pants down,
    I’m not really hung.

    I started up again,
    Not many miles away,
    Tell Bill and Andrew too,
    So they can come and play.

    C. Allen Green 2019
    AKA FreeMann9

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  2. NMH, I follow Dr. Pieczenik as closely as I do you (HWAV) but I do not follow INFO WARS, and so I would have missed Shroyer/Pieczenik had it not been for your direction…I thank you.


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