Alert: Nationwide Voter Fraud


At least 2.5 million extra voter registrations are on the voter rolls of 378 counties nationwide, according to Judicial Watch.

Democrats have long denied that voter fraud affects electoral outcomes claiming those on the right want to crack down on voter fraud solely as a means of preventing the poor and minorities from voting. But experts say fraudulent voter registrations open the door to fraudulent voting.

President Donald Trump and Republicans have long warned about the dangers of voter fraud.

One thought on “Alert: Nationwide Voter Fraud”

  1. So……. will we have a permanent “president” because all voting is a sham, as always. If one decides to register to vote, will that registration not be counted because they already have too many voters? If there is no demonocrazy to vote for, shall we just write in “Tasmanian Devil”? What’s the diff? Is it all by design, which may be why T hinted that he might be a 3rd term president? He, and you, are now sending boys (and girrls), to subdue another country (&ussoon), while wearing patriotism on their sleeves. The ass ass in a nation has happened. Now, will we get the puk outta there? Not till those last 3 vestiges of rebellion, to the Lord R… are firmly under the blanket of con troll$$.


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