Coddling the World’s Gamiest Players


President Obama’s been kind of quiet these days, last tweeting his Christmas greetings and best wishes for the health of Rep. John Lewis.

So has former National Security Advisor Susan Rice, former UN ambassador Samantha Power, former Secretaries of State John Kerry and Hillary Clinton, and former CIA Director John Brennan.

2 thoughts on “Coddling the World’s Gamiest Players”

  1. We want all past & current crimes punished and where suitable, a public hanging for the worst. Not going to happen. So much high crimes, treason, sedition, self enrichment in this pursuit, it is impossible. For decades and decades this system operated. Most became business as usual. Entrenched. Part of the fabric. There are not enough prosecutors (trust worthy to boot, same with judges) to try & convict. For this to happen, first would be an actual civil war. That would be a first for us. However, we can prosecute the most principal of players. Confiscate wealth, pensions, etc. But they won’t stand still for this as their thoughts are Mutually Assured Destruction. If they lose control, then chaos will be unleashed. Buckle up. Exciting times.


  2. Well… since “they” won’t arrest these pussyfootin ghastly prigs, we-you-alt-media are the ones that are having to try them in front of a jury of of worldwide peers. Since the demonocrazies and rinoracateers aren’t likely to face the butcher, other methods become crystal clear. We don’t need no stinking judges who are forbidden by the constitution to stand, sit or judge anything. NO Titles Of Nobility…. esquires! We all are the judge, jury and executioners, as best we can be, given the whoredom criminality being played out on the world’s stage.


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