Former SEAL: Stay Away from Jan. 20th Richmond Rally


Late last night, I came across an extremely well-written analysis of the upcoming rally in Richmond, Virginia. The author, Matt Bracken, is a retired U.S. Naval Officer and former SEAL. After I read it, I went to bed. Bracken’s warning kept me tossing and turning for most of the night. The following is the portion of Bracken’s analysis responsible for my sleepless night.


Full Analysis


F.B.I. Press Release

14 thoughts on “Former SEAL: Stay Away from Jan. 20th Richmond Rally”

  1. So are you warning the good People of the great state of Virginia, home of Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence who said that every man should keep his gun with him at all times like a constant companion and also that we should fight a revolution every 20 years?
    Or are you warning the heavily outnumbered authorities who cannot count on even the mostly pro second amendment National Guard to rescue them from their self created unconstitutional fiasco?

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    1. I’m not warning anyone. I’m urging people that are determined to attend, to read the analysis (link provided under above paragraph) before they make their decision. Federal and local law enforcement, though they may be out-numbered, will command superior positions on roof-tops surrounding the area.

      Thank you, for your interest.


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    2. They removed the governor from Puerto Rico last year….they surrounded the capital and governor mansion for 12 days in a
      row and forced his resignation.. This can grow and be taken to every
      state and even DC…
      The fact you do not allow people to leave comments on your youtube videos is very telling in itself.
      I hope millions show up jan 20….We the people For the people and By the people


      1. You know nothing about me.
        So, I’ll clue you in.

        I made the decision to disable comments across my entire channel when YouTube informed content creators they would use how the community “interacted” in a channel’s comment section when determining whether to issue strikes, suspend or delete a channel entirely. Disabling comments was a no-brainer after receiving YouTube’s policy update. 

        Because I don’t upload mindless garbage to YouTube, and because my content is considered political and conservative, every upload can potentially be used by a left-leaning, Trump-hating YouTube moderator to shut-down my channel. Add to that some of the insane comments people tend to post – take a look at the hateful things people post on my BitChute channel – and my YouTube channel would be shut-down instantly.

        I have not invested years of my time, resources and thousands of dollars to put my work on YouTube’s chopping-block.

        Comments are open here and on my BitChute channel.

        Thank you for your interest.



  2. sounds to me like your working for them…I hope this will make people want to go to the rally…stop fear mongering…you do a lot of that…


    1. No one is forced to access my content.
      If facts make you fearful, or if you interpret the relaying of facts as fear mongering, so be it.
      That you would suggest I work for the bolsheviks attempting to destroy this country demonstrates how ill-informed you are. Learn proper discernment.


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    2. I hope you have a peaceful rally but to accuse Nancy of working for the “other side” is insulting and ludicrous. If you’ve listened to any of her YouTube vids, you would not have posted that nonsense. She took the time to warn people of the potential outcomes as laid out by Matt. That’s all. Do something stupid there and you know the results.

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  3. The FBI and other ABCs hire mercenaries to do jobs for them besides their own people. The deep state won’t pass up a good opportunity to create mayhem whenever it serves them.

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  4. Thank you Nancy for everything you are doing to expose the crooks and criminals of the Washington War Machine and the Establishment. I will spread your warnings as far as possible and do my best to get as many people to see it as I can. Thank you for your great service to this country and to the safety and security of the people everywhere. These threats are real, you have already exposed the agendas of the False Flag attacks so I trust you as a reputable and credible source.

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  5. Are you going or just mouthing off? Dig into NMH website and read a bit. You will find her knowledgeable and capable of knowing that a bit of heads up could be beneficial.
    Best of luck if you go. Their weapons these days surpass everything you’ve ever seen. Virginia has a lot of evil hisStory… so go get em! You won’t be fighting the problem, you’ll be fighting paid gatekeepers…
    If you knew the truth, not hisStory, you would know them by their statues, by what they wrote in that constitution, et al. And if you can understand words and slight of hand you will see how we have been conned about every damned thing. For they lie, and they provide truth, in plain sight.

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  6. I have followed Matt Bracken for a couple of years. I respect him very much. I am glad you put this up. I heard him today and spread his words. I am glad you posted this! Thank you! Blessings and Re Jouir -Darlene

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  7. Just more fear mongering by women and cowards.
    This is what the FBI ‘expert’ said:
    “So, Matt, do you have a better idea? I’d continue to marshal our forces for maximum effect at local county and city council meetings. The 2A sanctuary county movement has been extremely effective at getting positive attention through this means. We should keep attending every local political meeting in force. Make your local politicos feel the heat. Keep pressing at the county and city level. Experiment with holding “unorganized militia” flash mob events. Be imaginative, and always use friendly local terrain to your advantage.” ETC.
    Conclusion: ALL WORDS, NO ACTION.
    Besides, he’s LYING.
    I know from experience that NOTHING gets changed at the county level.
    These criminals (the county commissioners, county courts, county attorneys, county bureaucracy, etc.) are bought and paid for by George Soros or some domestic ‘idle rich’. In case you didn’t get that, let me say it plainly: THE IDLE RICH OWN THE COUNTY SEATS OF THIS NATION. It’s been like that for GENERATIONS. I’ve seen it all around the nation.
    This FBI ‘expert’ is living in lala land.
    The ONLY solution is to RETURN TO FOUNDATIONS.
    Just like James Madison said, when all power centers in DC, it’s time to RETURN TO FUNDAMENTALS.
    Sadly, everybody’s either too apathetic/lazy or too uninformed to know what those fundamentals are and to implement them.
    Question #1 to Nancy:
    You’ll NEVER get an acceptable response (= the TRUTH) out of an ESTABLISHMENT EXPERT.
    You will only get more PROPAGANDA.
    If you want TRUTH and SOLUTIONS, you must go bad to FOUNDATIONS.
    Question #2 for Nancy:
    What are the FOUNDATIONS that CORRECT these social evils?
    You tell us that, and how to implement them, and I’ll say you’re doing a good job.

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