4 thoughts on “Investigation Over”

  1. Yes ma’am. Thank you and good morning. Sessions was my Senator. I like the way you put it, “stringing the people along for almost 3 years.” Very true. All of that time-for-action lost, while the people did little more than to talk to their cup of coffee.

    We shall save ourselves! Even out here in very rural America, people are awake. And most have not heard about any single letter entity. Actually, I have yet to find one.

    I dress accordingly. Political t-shirt of some sort! Supporting our constitutional republic. I ask my community if, in the end, will they be able to tell their grandchildren that they gave it their best and did all that they could.

    Yesterday, I spoke with a man running for education superintendent. The incumbent supported prayer in school, except for Christian prayer. Out with one and in with another. Just not sure if he is ready to stand against Common Core. He mentioned the federal money. I mentioned my taxes. If I have to manage my retirement, everyone should have to.

    Alabama agriculture is loaded with corruption. Money squeaking between the tail and that valve of the associations who also have legislative influence. Hell, our code gives those unelected swampies a voice in our industry. I work to do my best to at least raise awareness!

    Thank you, ma’am, for today’s platform. May all be well and taking care! 🇺🇸👏🇺🇸Blessings and Re Jouir -Darlene


  2. I would hope as a patriot you could be less cynical and more aware there is an information war going on. I would suggest the fake news does a lot of projection and we only know a slither of what’s going on behind the scenes. President Trump is cleaning house and had to start from scratch with a corrupt judicial system and FBI all the while contending with constant attacks from media and the Democrats. I believe there is a plan and I hope personally thank you will offer an apology on here for your constant cynicism. No one has taken on this much corruption on this scale before and it might serve your thirst for justice to have a big name arrested but it may well take most of President Trump’s second term with a big win in 2020 to achieve it. Meanwhile I’ll wait in patience for that to happen and u believe messrs Huber, Durham and Barr I doing the right job for America and the world. God bless


    1. Frankly, only a complete lunatic, at this point in the side-show, would believe Huber, or any of the other Swamp rats on the Hill are doing the right job for America. Listen to my most recent upload, and then decide whether or not there’s a plan that will work in the American public’s favor.

      Good luck to you,



  3. The only difference between Sessions and Barr is, Barr knows how to cover his Statist streak better than Sessions did, just as Sessions did, Barr will prosecute no Big Fish, he may prosecute somebody that nobody ever heard of, but don’t look for Obama or Hillary going to jail anytime soon.


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