Brava! Fearless Laura Ingraham


During the last six minutes of FOX NEWS’ Laura Ingraham’s exclusive one-on-one interview last night with President Donald Trump, viewers were treated to a rare glimpse of fearless journalism.


20 thoughts on “Brava! Fearless Laura Ingraham”

  1. AT&T is the latest victim of this. I guess we need more regulation? Seriously, it all starts at the top of these companies to “hold the line”. Cheaters never prosper, but those cheaters are pretty crafty here in America.


  2. Bravo Laura! The President needs to realize what the tech companies and the other politicians are doing to Americans all over this country. Laura only hit on a few areas. Our 1st & 2nd Amendments are being violated. See what happens if you are just a little delinquent on your property tax? You could lose your house for as little as $50.00. The fines, penalties and interest payments can add up so fast you can lose it all. And if a company tried that, they’d go to jail.

    Unfortunately, the President knows he’s most likely a shoe-in for a second term. What other choice do we have?


  3. My Impression of what Trump means to bring in more labor, is not the cheap labor from economic immigrants who can’t speak English. I have a feeling he wants to bring in techies from India and places like that. People who are already trained. But I still say, What about us? I’m sure there are plenty of US citizens who would like to train for a high-tech job or some other job. I’ve never believed that US citizens do not want to work or don’t need to work.

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  4. I think Fox deleted that last bit of Ingraham’s show. Nothing is there anymore. They like to do that. A lot, it seems.


  5. Pretty much agree with Ingraham BUT with a qualifier – the US public education system has been in a downward spiral for years, virtually graduating functional illiterates. In the STEM arenas, foreign experts in these disciplines have to be recruited as a result. Not in all cases, but certainly enough to fill in the gaps of competent, qualified US citizens. JMHO

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    1. Bob Powell—You know WHY this is happening? Teachers all around America are faced with huge student populations now that are either NOT language proficient so they can comprehend, or in the impacted areas, federal funding gets invested in reading programs that have limited returns while teachers are told to limit/eliminate science & social studies and focus solely on the Common Core reading and mathematics. Developmental appropriateness of content be damned. Then there is the issue of the “newcomers” whose children enter the schools and it is sink or swim the first school year while they culturally adapt, learn the language, and often have to deal with parents who are now unavailable for them as support because these parents are working several jobs (some, while receiving public assistance). I’ve been teaching going on 3 decades now, and remember a time where American children excelled and American innovation was at an all time high.
      Immigration using the MERIT SYSTEM with a cap would serve Americans well at this point, including sealing our porous borders. Currently, the sustainability of our population with the rate of growth derived from those who illegally and criminally enter the country is impossible. Not a win-win.

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      1. Believe it or not, Starali, I agree with you. I’m not blaming the teachers, per se, but the entire bureaucratic educational system, from the Dep’t of Education (bloated fed agency that does nothing for education) down to the local schools. I said “per se” re the teachers as I see horror stories every day whereby teachers in elementary school are brainwashing the kids with far Leftist BS. And in high schools also. There is NO place in the school system for politics of any stripe.

        Years ago I saw a graph that showed an inverse relationship to SAT scores and teachers’ unions. As time went on, the SAT scores were going down concurrently with union membership rising. Of course, there are many variables embedded in that graph. I would think that having union backing for the teachers would resolve some or a lot of the problems you mention, but not when the unions are led by radical Leftist Dems more involved in social engineering than teacher assistance.

        The Global Elitists are very concerned with dumbing down the US (and global) population to prepare everyone for the New World Order. It’s all about power and control. The UN is pushing hard for a One World government, with Draconian regulations to remove sovereignty and fundamental human rights. This sounds paranoid, I know – but I’ve seen enough credible references on this subject that paranoia morphs into situational awareness.

        I don’t envy you and hope that you can retire with all the benefits you have earned.
        Cheers, Bob


  6. One miracle at a time Laura. The president has a LOT of fires going on and he is battling like heck to get it all to work together. I believe that once we have a government reset and we become THE UNITED STATES OF THE REPUBLIC, we will witness a LOT of change. Let’s be patient and see what happens. If we need to address it later on, we shall. No?

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  7. I agree with the comments on our education system and how the list of what President Trump has to do is long and distinguished. I am not walking in his shoes. But I sure am glad he is! Yes, Laura did ask hard questions. And I suspect that President Trump has much longer answers. I defer back to Sargent York’s analogy to turkey hunting. You pick off the lead turkey and they scatter. You pick off from the back and your odds are greatly improved. Hopes all are well and taking care. Blessings and Re Jouir -Darlene


  8. The American Education system is a complete nightmare right now, we have a few of decades of dumbed-down people, so a lot of the folks coming up now and getting into the workforce get menial low paying jobs, they have made us all stupid with their communist core education. There are a few folks out there that do have the brains to do that technical work, but they will be few and far between until our education system is revamped to give the American kids a chance to compete in the world stage.

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