The Federal Framing of a Young Patriot


Years ago, in one of the first reports I recorded for this channel, I shared the following story. At the time, I wasn’t as hardened to the wide-spread government corruption that has infiltrated every corner of this country. I had to stop multiple times as I was narrating because I wasn’t able to keep from crying.


Schaeffer Cox

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6 thoughts on “The Federal Framing of a Young Patriot”

  1. I live in Alaska and heard Schiff speak at several events we were at..he is a very talented speaker passionate about American our rights and seriously disturbed about the corruption in our government..I hated to hear about what they were doing to him..this kid was never violent or hateful in anyway..I can’t imagine what he has been put through along with his brave family..horrible..he must be paroled by the president now and this kid must sue these monsters.


  2. 2024 will never come for Cox. The corruption in Alaska, in the FBI, CIA, SES, DOJ runs deep and has NEVER been just an issue at the top just like the militarized city police forces nationwide. 9/11 was just a preamble to the rights we will soon see stripped above and beyond the so called “Patriot Act”. This young man is one of tens of thousands to come when the Neo/Dem-Con Zionist controlled politicians complete the extended 5 year plan to dominate the Middle East and strip Americans liberties by pushing those of us who actually care about the million plus young men that sacrificed their lives to procure our freedoms to our breaking point. Many will stand by as they do today and watch future generations freedoms FALL by the wayside due to gluttony and Godlessness while we sacrifice as to emulate the men and women who came before us. Repent and trust in Jesus and never bow down to wickedness and evil. I will fight to the bitter end.


  3. This is heartbreaking and does make me cry. Only my faith that this life here on Earth is a short term 3rd dimensional experience where we learn to find and give love despite the evil that is so prevalent on this prison planet, saves me from total despair.


  4. I’m familiar with this terrible story. Can you explain why you don’t have the same reaction about Field McConnell on the same topic? I’ve been confused since you made that video, and still don’t understand. Have been looking for a follow-up. Can the President pardon Cox and why hasn’t he? Is this something for AG Barr, who seems only to be able to give interviews to FOX and play the pipes? I’m sincerely seeking more understanding for the lack of action, and have determined it is as you have concluded, institutionalized organized crime.


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