We Wanna Know What’s Taking So Long


The film Just Mercy opened this week. It is the story of Walter McMillan, who was wrongfully convicted in 1987.

The trial was a sham, all exculpatory evidence hidden, the one witness was a felon who traded his false testimony for a shorter sentence. This gross miscarriage of justice happened because those in power — the sheriff, law enforcement and the DA — all conspired to convict McMillan to bring closure to the community for a crime he had no part in.

2 thoughts on “We Wanna Know What’s Taking So Long”

  1. When you told me you cried, I couldn’t listen to it. Too sad the evil that goes on in the world. I just finished listening to The Grayzone’s Aaron Mate’s interview with Scott Ritter on Soleimani. FWIW, I believe Ritter. He was the only one who told us the truth about the WMDs. Also, what’s with AIM and their intense flood of Trump propaganda? I was a staunch supporter of Trump domestically but his warmongering for Israel is Just too obvious.


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