5 thoughts on “Kerry’s Mantra: Personal Wealth Before Country”

  1. First off, I’m a political atheist and have been for years. Anyone who can’t see that the US government is nothing but a criminal organization either is blind or, is living in denial. My understanding is that the billions of dollars that are constantly being referred to as being “given” to Iran, were, in fact, Iranian funds that had been previously frozen by the US pursuant to sanctions, as is always the case when the US can’t appease its owner, Israel! My further understanding is that after the nuclear deal was struck, the US released the funds. If I’m mistaken, I’d like clarification and links to credible resources that reveal the facts. Thank you for the poignant videos!

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      1. Thanks for the link. Unfortunately, I couldn’t read the article because I have apparently reached my “limit” and I refuse to pay one cent to any traditional media source. However, I did find the following article (https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/fact-checker/wp/2018/03/01/was-obamas-1-7-billion-cash-deal-with-iran-prohibited-by-u-s-law/) and as far as I can ascertain, everything’s clear as mud! It all looks like a matter of opinion, and the usual “he said, she said”, regarding the legality of the $1.7 billion paid to Iran and matters of offset. It seems this matter stems from military equipment ordered from the US and paid for by Iran, but not delivered, and the infamous 1979 hostage crisis when Iran seized U.S. Embassy and held Americans hostage plus some ancillary claims against Iran. My take is that the US didn’t deliver the equipment and so, the US owed Iran $400 million but, because of the delay in payment, $1.3 billion in interest accrued for a total of $1.7 billion. However, the US claims that Iran owes reparations for terrorism, i.e., holding the Americans hostage, etc.. I doubt it would matter as to the legitimacy of claims by Iran, inasmuch as the US can NEVER be trusted to own up to it’s agreements PLUS, it seems to me that if reparations are due for terrorism, the US COULD NEVER COME CLOSE to paying the infinite sums due the many nations the US has ILLEGALLY invaded, occupied, and destroyed while slaughtering MILLIONS of innocent civilians! When it comes to TERRORISM, the US/GB/Israeli axis of evil wrote the book!

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  2. Well, isn’t he special! Please, someone, dig a log and deep trench along the wall so we can dispose of the “wreckage” of so many stinking purple people eaters. Is there a light at the end of this tunnel?


  3. You can, We can, kick & scream the day long regarding what a rat, scam artist, lying bastard Kerry is as well as his ilk; fact is He’s shown his true colors since Vietnam. REALITY is, We have the government we voted for! And only We can change that. The question is will We change what We have before there is no more Question?


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