Since 2018 FBI Hiding Traitor that Framed Flynn


With increased scrutiny toward the lack of action from current FBI Director Christopher Wray, let’s take a look at how he’s been hiding and protecting one of the two FBI agents responsible for framing the good Lt. General Michael Flynn. Seems to be the theme of my last several uploads. The FBI framing innocent people with absolute impunity.

One thought on “Since 2018 FBI Hiding Traitor that Framed Flynn”

  1. I maintained that Trump would move to expose and then eliminate the more obvious seditious bastards until He traded Whitaker for Barr…Whitaker would have trashed Wray almost immediately. Today’s Headline, in all fairness and, with all due respect, is a manifestation of Trump NOT acting. Hell, Colonel Flynn’s prosecution is a direct result of our President NOT acting. I hold no hope He will pardon the Patriot. Having said that, We had better pray with our votes that our President is reelected.

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