4 thoughts on “So Much for Barr Doing the Right Thing”

  1. Omg… What disgusting mob scum! You called it NMH!! I gave the bass-turd-o the benefit of the doubt, as I have for the entire admin, in the hope that these creatures from the past have changed stripes. HAHAHA… What a fool believes he sees… No wise man has the power to reason away, what seems to be… is always better than nothing……
    Thank you for keeping up on these things, even if you get shit from people who think they know it all. But why are they hurt by your words, to be so nasty? Is it illegal to have dual citizenship? I’ll bet most politicos have dual citizenship… even the past O Bomb A Nation! It just may be an escape route for some who do not want to live out the shitstorm in our path.


  2. I’ve been saying ever Since Bill Barr was made the AG that no big shots will ever see the inside of a jail cell, he might throw the dog a bone and put some low level flunky in jail, but Statist do not throw other big shot Statist under the Bus unless they’re not in the Club.


  3. Barr is protecting the FISC. “how about appointing an Attorney General that’s not necessarily a swamp rat” In an earlier comment I suggested Whitaker was side -stepped because he’s not a swamp rat. NMH you’re asking the wrong president. (we all makes mistakes)


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