5 thoughts on “Sanders Sure Knows How to Pick ’em!”

  1. No less insane than Sanders or any other Democrat…
    Interesting idea though…”exterminate” the people who actually pay the taxes that Democrats propose to confiscate and give to their criminal constituency by means of the Kleptocracy that each of them, even Bloomberg is proposing…insane is not strong enough to describe this.
    The idea that Democrats are the ones who have the guns is absurd on top of being insane…there may well be a revolution…maybe even a civil war, who knows? But it won’t be Democrats doing the shooting and the 100% volunteer military is nearly 100% Republican…So ordering the “extermination” of Americans is not gonna work…just more insane bravado.
    I hope this clown lives to be 150 years old.


  2. As I told my sons so many years ago, “Be careful with whom you associate because even though you may not participate with some of the things they do, you will be targeted with them at some point. Steer away from ill-fated motives”.


  3. Jurek is a product of our modern day educational system, a system brought to us by a democrat president. Are we to expect something different? Atrocious, nauseating, repulsive, whatever adjective you wish, they all fit the attitude America has created. No doubt there are tens of thousands of Jureks among us…with career politicians like Sanders motivating & leading them. Allow that to fester for a moment. And then give thanks for the 2d A. Cuz the cops will be 20 minutes away.


  4. On July 7th, 2027 the approximately 84 year long cycle that marks the major epochs in American history will culminate once again.
    The cycle seems to alternate between internal and external conflict and almost always involves bloodletting on a grand scale.
    This rather defines current events and talk of exterminations is not surprising in this context.
    The 2027 cycle may well be mainly an internal affair and if civil war in America is the eventuality then it is highly unlikely to resemble the American civil war that is unique among all wars and wherein two more or less organized military’s took the field and did battle with each other…highly unusual in the annals of civil conflict…in fact unique.
    More likely is the usual neighbor crosses the street and kills his neighbor, which is the most common, or as described by the lunatic in this very timely article, the powers that be order the extermination of its own citizens who are perceived to oppose the ruling party of the time.
    2027 minus 84 years equals 1943, 1859, 1775, 1691 (burning of Jamestown), 1607 (founding of Jamestown), 1523 ( Spanish proclamation of conquest and settlement of North America from Key West to Labrador).
    Perhaps no amount of reporting nor the injection of sane reasoning into the collective consciousness will ever be enough to stem the tide of this cyclical blood-thirst and the inclination of humans to periodically end one another’s existence in the greatest number possible.
    The excuses offered (ALWAYS by the left) are immaterial…it is the dearth of morality on the left and the cyclicality that drives these events.


  5. I don’t know… he’s seems like a blowhard. If he were really serious about offing people or torching cities, wouldn’t he be a lot more discreet about it?! Seems like a wanna be bad ass and can’t stop indicting himself. Can’t get a woman without killblab?
    Not so sure about putting too much stock in Veritas either. Fear monger “lonenutstories”? The demoncrazies seem to have enough lies & violins on their own. Who needs him? But if he’s real, arrest now and interrogate the hell out of him.


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