8 thoughts on “Pelosi’s Articles of Impeachment Pens”

  1. Nixon should have stayed and fought his impending impeachment.
    The Executive, Judicial and Legislative branches of the Federal government do not have the power to subpoena one another…any more than one of them can require the Court to decide a base in a particular way, require Congress to pass a particular piece of legislation or require the President to give money to a foreign power (even in the event of appropriation of funds for that purpose) or initiate project, such as the building of fences on the Mexican border which both Obama and Hillary voted for in the Senate and Obama later refused to proceed with while President.
    No crimes or misdemeanors are named in the articles.
    Donald John Trump is the ONLY President of The United States of America…it took over 200 years to elect an actual President…and now the drug addled “mind” of John Roberts, who “decided” that Congress has the power to force the People of The United States to make purchases from a third party under threat of imprisonment and at gunpoint, will decide the fate of our Republic.

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    1. Mr. Gordon, you’re certainly wired correctly. My mother was a secretary to President Nixon, she cried, screamed, kick and cussed demanding, “Milhous you fight those bastards”…you are right, He should have.


  2. This is disgusting. What are we to do? Those in a position to stop this are the very ones creating this charade. We the people need to rally somehow and march in and take over. After all, we elected these bums – these evil ones. This calls for a revolution and complete over through. But how de we do this?


  3. We don’t elect anyone. We are given a choice of 2, maybe 3 or maybe just 1 this time, out of millions of people! And we wonder why nothing changes. In fact it only gets worse. We shall see what comes of the re-election of Trump, if the demoncraps don’t finish him off first. They are, after all, insane cornered taxmanian devils!


  4. NMH, if I’m being redundant please excuse me.
    Pelosi is a drunkard. An embarrassment to America, at times a complete bozo. But Pelosi is no idiot; I fear she would’ve never put on such a signing ceremony was she not satisfied as to which direction the Senate vote is headed. Your admirer Col. Potter suggest Trump will survive but only after agreeing to be tethered by the swamp. Some would consider such to be an easy out for the man. I can only hope the man’s ego will now rise up to the point of tenacious ugly and begin the much earned and very deserved prosecutions of all those seditious bastards.
    Thanks for listening. Thanks for being there.


    1. She looks pretty framed though. There are strings, ‘er, ropes attached to her and all the other crime in all’s. They better get that prosectuion show moving and fast, that is if T is not roped up also. Thee ate her.


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