Feds Seizing High-End Night-Vision Tubes


I haven’t vetted everything claimed and or stated in the following article.

Fact #1: The U.S. military, Carrier Strike Group Four CSG4, is jamming GPS signals from Jan 16th – 24th, which may overlap the event in Richmond, Virginia. Richmond is just at the margins of the range of the GPS jamming exercise map released by the military. The center of the so-called “exercise” is off the coast of Georgia.


FAA Advisory


AOPA Advisory

7 thoughts on “Feds Seizing High-End Night-Vision Tubes”

  1. GOD HELP US! In my 65 years of life, I have NEVER seen nor experienced this type of encompassing GOVERNMENT SEIZURE OF PROPERTY. Is this now MARTIAL LAW???? Are the terrorist cells that Obama and his treacherous minion let in being activated? All during Martin Luther King, Jr.’s life celebration of civil rights through PEACEFUL RESISTANCE!


  2. Web crawlers are seeing very high incidence of revolutionary comments in the US and probably globally.
    US “authorities” “think” (sic.) that an imminent civil conflict can be staved off and controlled/prevented by limiting public access to technology and elimination of our rights…first amendment as well as second amendment rights…let us not forget the first amendment that is daily trampled under the feet of f@660t deep state shills under the guise of Algeresque boy makes good (ie billions) staring a website for rating college girls or dropping quick chirpy little text messages…all BS…all designed to keep the masses asleep at the wheel so that the consolidation of absolute power can continue.
    But…but, in a real civil conflict armies do not line up against one another in neat little rows with uniforms and commanders and “presidents”…and no one needs a night vision camera of a map of any kind in order to walk across the street and ____ the neighbor who votes for the cessation of liberty in “America”.
    John Roberts is a zombie…write about it.


  3. Don’t they usually give themselves away before an event?
    Thank you for bringing these very important things to light. Maybe the “trial” is a wmdistraction?


  4. Oh goodness – this seems to correspond to recent take down’s of several YouTube sites who were apparently talking about something the PTB did not want known by the public. (I did not hear the videos in question). This is all very worring. Are they setting us up for the false ET invasion (most of us know the aliens are already among us and in power), or is there a FF in the making. OR…is Wormwood, Nibiru, etc. making a visible night-time pass? Why the need to scramble GPS? True ETs would not have need of our navigational apparatus. I want to KNOW!!! I hate these mysteries – my imagination goes a bit over the edge.


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