GOP Senators Warn Colleagues


Trump supporting Senate Republicans have warned their moderate GOP colleagues that if they side with the Democrats to force witnesses in the upcoming impeachment trial, they’re going to flip the script and call controversial witnesses such as Hunter Biden and Alexandra Chalupa – people central to the core claims behind the impeachment, but ignored like the plague by House Democrats during their investigations.

3 thoughts on “GOP Senators Warn Colleagues”

  1. I agree completely. It should be dismissed immediately! This entire kabuki theater is the most infuriating bullshit ever perpetrated by scum bag in-your-face criminals. Outrageous!


  2. It should matter not whether a Repub Senator is moderate or far Right Wing, including the Dem Senators. The four words you mentioned, “do the right thing” should be the guiding mantra during the trial. They ALL know that this Impeachment and resulting trial is a shameless hoax perpetrated by irrational hatred by a core element of not only the Dems, but also the DoJ.
    However, they are all in bed with each other, regardless of the daily rhetoric spewed by both sides, and then having cocktails and coke in the back rooms. The only thing that matters to these weasels-in-suits are votes. They have sold their souls long ago when they entered the “hallowed” halls of Congress.


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