Where the F#@k is Barr?


General Michael Flynn’s first set of attorneys were from the firm Covington. The DOJ’s Trisha Anderson went to work for Covington while they were representing General Flynn. Did Covington tell General Flynn about hiring one of the individuals at the DOJ involved in the Russia collusion sham?

One thought on “Where the F#@k is Barr?”

  1. It seems as though one needs no more than a 6th grade education and zip for conscience or virtue, as the demons destroy lives, without a “2nd” thought.
    If Trump can pardon so many “innocent” people from prison, why not do it for Flynn? Before he gets there! I’m certain there are many innocent people in prison (No victim, No crime!). It’s a huge money maker.
    I wouldn’t put it past the demons & rinociders, to complete the coup when the Don sits down to play the mofo’s game, only to be thrown out. End the Charade Immediately!!!


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