6 thoughts on “GOP Senators Don’t Have Trump’s Back”

  1. Guess the fact that no crimes are mentioned in the “impeachment” articles is lost on the “Senators”.
    That clowns like Romney (the Democrat who wrote Obamacare) believe they will be the President (or ever even get nominated again) is laughable.
    Almost half of the founders were against the provision for impeaching and removing a sitting President, believing that elections were sufficient to remove any bad actors, sadly sanity wins few debates in political chambers.
    Nearly half of them were against allowing slavery too…guess which half?
    The United states is being run by a Confederation of Dunces…
    And a drug addicted Chief justice currently presides over a kangaroo court comprised mainly of the worst America has to offer.


  2. Lindsey has a host of corrupt issues to combat, like the rest of them… let er rip!
    RINO’s gonna lose seats and asses. Disgusting theater, meant to incite €violin$ players. Arrest all the skunks, now, before it’s too late… The stench is intolerable!

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  3. You have the worst way to leave a comment, its ridiculous to keep trying to leave a message even though I have twitter and face book..ugh ! Anyway I find it absolutely insane to watch what is going on in our White House..our elected officials participating in this ridiculous clown show all need to be impeached for treason, period ! I can’t stand even hearing one more report on this lie pushed forward in our White House..!

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    1. Had to walk away from all news for a couple of days. Such pukein BULLSHIT! Might bet the vast majority have take ride(s) on the ph@likP!@ne! While “sucking” away trillions from our pockets. Whack the weenies, both kinds (they’re mainlymen?), line em up and send them off on the train to hell! The’re all zombified!!


  4. “who didn’t see that coming?” I certainly did. I’ve repeatedly said Pelosi didn’t hold back on delivering her articles of impeachment awaiting the arrival of ‘new’ evidence…or any evidence. The woman has been busy securing RINO votes. But so what? The Country’s savings Grace will be Trump’s ego. He wants his trial for 2 sane reasons; public exposure of his (Our) enemies and enough votes to call it the *greatest landslide* of all times. It’s all a game with players on both sides seeking the golden ring. A game We all should closely scrutinize, but not so diligently as to miss the peripheral. Pay attention to the RINOs, particularly Sen. Cruz. He’ll wrap his campaign in this, our tattered impeachment flag, while making his 24 run.
    Thanks for listening


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