MSM Drooling on Rally Side-Lines



With the nation’s focus on Richmond, Virginia, CBS This Morning unleashed its CIA-scripted propaganda. Spewing choice words and phrases like: high-alert, authorities fear, Richmond on edge, FBI and local law enforcement, militias, with the prize going to: the former confederate capitol.


POTUS’ January 17, 2020 Tweet


4 thoughts on “MSM Drooling on Rally Side-Lines”

  1. These fake news frauds always equate 2nd amendment stands with so-called white supremacy. They bash whites, our right to protect ourselves and the Bible, all of (if the truth be told) they hate. Thanks Nancy!

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  2. They don’t want peace at this rally! Just more fearmongeringzombienewz! If there be a problem WE WILL KNOW FROM WHENCE IT COMES!
    Didn’t hear Trumps tweet on the 2nd! So, because morons “voted” for criminals on both sides, he can’t do anything?! More do nothing from trump on the 2nd? Nice work getting in the defense of the constitution from both foreign and domestic… Arrest & hang. The Constitution will NOT get a fair trial!


  3. I’m sorry “Nancy Morgan Hart”, but you sound more and more like an old hag anymore. You’ve just lost me with this last post, and I’m unsubscribing. It’s very apparent that you see the world through glasses very darkly. Your attitude has become just too pessimistic and cynical for my taste. There doesn’t seem to be any white hats populating your world, only black hats everywhere. Not even the POTUS and AG Barr are safe from your dark criticism, anymore. Nothing of all the doom and gloom you were predicting happened in Richmond, VA. It was a great victory for all patriots across the Nation. Just think what would’ve happened if the POTUS sent federal troops there! A very bad advice and demand on your part, if you ask me. You certainly didn’t expect this outcome, did you?


    1. Thank you, for your viewership. Reality can be difficult to accept.
      Just think what would have happened if President Kennedy hadn’t sent Federal troops to Montgomery.
      What’s right is right.
      I don’t make the news. I report it.
      The outcome you refer to is that Northam is still the governor and his legislation will pass.
      Facts are facts.


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