5 thoughts on “The District of Columbia’s Resident Bagpipe Player”

  1. “Class Dismissed” I don’t think so sweetheart…you shouldn’t think I’m of such weak tenacity as to be shooed away. Nope; I’m one of those who knows how to move from fox-hole to fox-hole while maintaining forward gains. ROI even
    Thanks for being there

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  2. Haven’t voted for any puss-ease in decades. Why do we vote for someone to bossus? Con-trollus? Evictus, from the surface of the plane on which we live?
    Take it all back to the states, demolish DC w/the insane buggers that deficate lies, within those few square miles… OH, and those who push death by injection too! And create for us soy-lent-inphantasissors.
    Times up. Pencils down. Turn the page. Reset. GO!


  3. Note: President Trump’s legal team is playing 3D Chess. Have you noticed that all evidence had simply been dismissed, instead of being ruled inadmissible or admissible? Great for heading to the SCOTUS very fast where ALL the additional MASSIVE evidence will be presented.

    Barr note: You cannot conclude an investigation before you listen to the evidence. Hence, still more to come. 3D Chess….

    Durham note: Special Counsel(criminal probe) started to investigate “2016 election”(Crossfire Hurricane/Razor, then extended). Same patterns noted in 2018 and 2020 elections. Relevant trap(s) for global nefarious characters… 3D Chess…


  4. Barr/Durham had a choice. Good to see the choice his made so clearly. I will call him now the “swamp plug”.

    My question is, how did the “your fired guy” not see this coming?

    Ok, so who IS the person to vote for to drain the swamp 🤔?

    I would invite those that are annoyed to stick around. There’s value here far beyond feeling comfortable or obtaining agreement.


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