3 thoughts on “The District of Columbia’s Resident Bagpipe Player”

  1. “Class Dismissed” I don’t think so sweetheart…you shouldn’t think I’m of such weak tenacity as to be shooed away. Nope; I’m one of those who knows how to move from fox-hole to fox-hole while maintaining forward gains. ROI even
    Thanks for being there

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  2. Haven’t voted for any puss-ease in decades. Why do we vote for someone to bossus? Con-trollus? Evictus, from the surface of the plane on which we live?
    Take it all back to the states, demolish DC w/the insane buggers that deficate lies, within those few square miles… OH, and those who push death by injection too! And create for us soy-lent-inphantasissors.
    Times up. Pencils down. Turn the page. Reset. GO!


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